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Thread: Quick and Dirty LAN Port Scanner

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    Quick and Dirty LAN Port Scanner

    It scans for open ports on your LAN (more specifically your current subnet)

    It stores the IP of anything that responded in an array of strings.

    Thats it.

    If you need one, here you go. If not, move along.

    You can use the array of strings like I do for a server browser UI... or anything really.

    Its not all that fully featured. It's just a port scanner thats been dll-binded into UnrealScript.

    Download at:

    If you want to use it, go for it. Hopefully the code and the youtube video is enough documentation. (If the youtube video is unavailable, its still uploading/processing)

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    This is pretty cool man, when I get to that stage of development it will probably be very useful. Thanks for sharing with the community.

    I watched a couple of your dev diaries too, pretty cool. You know you look just like my brother-in-law lol.

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    Nah, your brother-in-law looks like me.

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