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Thread: DM-DemonsKeep

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    Name: DM-DemonsKeep
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: 2.1
    Description: This level is a remake of the Quake 3 level Q3DM15 - Demon Keep
    Comments: This is my first map for an Unreal Engine at all.- I am used to the Hammer Editor and the Source Engine, so my first results for UT3 may not be the best...

    Thx to:
    Chonglee for his "Quake3 Export for UT3" Tutorial.
    All members of the UOF community with some very usefull tutorials, tips and hints, and beta testing.
    Especially thx to Stevelois for his "How to include custom music" tutorial, and Odedge for his cool "Directional Jump Pad Emitter Package".
    And of course I want to thank Uncle Bl!tz for testing some unreleased Betas of the map, and being a good friend with his advice in Unreal and Real life .
    [BN]-=OUCH=-, because some of his great Maps were responsible that I have (re-)started playing UT3 at all.
    Very special Thanks also to Prometheus and Twisted Records for allowing me to use the great track "Mekong Delta" for background music in this map!

    Note: Downloadlink updated. Archive contains now DM-DemonsKeep_SE. (Some smaller issues fixed)

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    Great to see the final

    Publishing the final version always provide a nice feeling

    I was happy to help you out m8 & THX for the credits

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    nice job bro, fast & fun map

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    Thx m8s, you helped me a lot to get this map finished!

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    You should make some Q3 fans happy with this gem M8!

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    Nice one m8 I was a big Q3 fan.

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    Smile decent remake!

    Q3DM15-DemonKeep (original Q3 version) >> this Q3 map has an interesting upside-down crosses gauntlet room, Q3 evil textures, wild jumppad action, lava lakes and rivers, and is just one wild map so the UT3 remake should be interesting as well.

    DM-DemonsKeep (for UT3) >> no recommended player load in the preview shot, the fire and smoke look good but the lava looks terrible (ok not terrible but it could be better), I like the music but I'm not sure if it fits the map but I shouldn't complain because I can actually hear it and it's good. The layout is the same or at least similar to the original but it seems to be lacking some detail that UT3 can provide. The gameplay is the same and I noticed haste (I think that's what this is called), invisibility and quad damage included from Q3 while playing. Also, looks like the gauntlet changed to spiked balls instead. Overall a decent remake, but it could have used some more details to make it look better; oh, and I almost forgot that some corridors are way too dark.

    EDIT: played it again tonight and it's actually not too dark, I like the red/blue symbols, the bots are good and I like this version the best.

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    Added to our database now, can i add the map to a future mappack maybe?

    Greetz zunnie

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    I had to play through the Q3 I installed last year on my new computer to that tier to check the original out. Of course, I could have just turned on my old computer but where is the fun in that.

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