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Thread: Webcast with regular tips and advice on using the UDK

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    Webcast with regular tips and advice on using the UDK

    First one is up here, more will be coming soon, subscribe to stay up to date. I'll delve deeper into various aspects of UDK, particularly cinematics and animation, but certainly plenty of other things as well. In this first one I talk a bit about advantages of realtime 3d for animating vs pre-rendered, in other words why programs like UDK can be preferable, the upcoming inclusion of Scaleform, etc.

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    Nice webcast Henrik, very clear speech and nice backing music also which for a nice change isnt interfering with anything else unlike a lot you usualy hear on YouTube.

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    very nice, more info in there than I was expecting, too, which is always a plus... definitely interested in hearing more

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    Thanks - I have a bit of practice from my UT3 tutorial vids - still working on a more natural delivery, but I think that comes with a bit of time.

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    Yeah awesome, it would be a great thing to have someone keep up on every update and show new techniques each week, or however often you release a cast. Definitely keeping tabs on these Thanks!

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    Sir. Polaris
    Henriks hit me up via e-mail or PM. If your going to go strong with this I am in a position to help you out.

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    Solid Snake
    Yes, I can also help you wish this web cast Henrik. PM me.

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    i would just like to point out that audio and video is not an easily searchable medium

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    SolidSnake: PM'd.

    Blade: If you were looking for specific information, I expect you'd use a tutorial. If you want to be opened to new ideas, a range of tips about software use in general, maybe get some inspiration, that's the kind of thing a webcast is for and why I'm doing it. Aside from that I label it as well as I can, future editions will probably have a time index like I put in a lot of my videos, even hyperlinks that jump to the correct time for you. That helps with the search aspect.

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