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Thread: Offline UDK installation = FAIL

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    Question Offline UDK installation = FAIL

    I downloaded UDK at the library to install at home b/c I don't have internet service where I live. I took it home, clicked the installer, then watched .NET 3.5's bootstrapper look in vain for a server.

    So I went back to the library the next day and got the full install of .NET 3.5 from Microsoft's site, took it home, installed it, then loaded up the UDK installer again only to find it still wants to bootstrap .NET before even giving me a glimpse of an Epic logo.
    How do I get past this?

    BTW I uninstalled all .NET versions from my system before I installed 3.5 which it said to do in the instructions.

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    Perhaps see if you can install it to a portable hard drive at the library, then just copy the registry files, and take those+the install home with you

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    What version of Windows are you using?

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    UDK has a lot of online based components like most apps these days. UDK actually crashes if I try to open it offline.

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    Stuff like this REALLY makes no sense to me. First of all: Unity3D works perfectly fine offline for me, but (partly due to my **** graphics card that lacks FP32 Render Targets, if it had those, then UDK would start.) UDK just crashes on start. Seriously, having some components that only work with an active connection is seriously screwing over transplants like me who want to get into game development.

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    I think I found the problem.

    I searched my ADD/REMOVE programs list and found that what UDK keeps trying to bootstrap is the .NET 3.5 SP1, which I just found below the main download in the "what others are downloading" section of Microsoft's page. Gotta go home and give it a try.

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    BTW the new version works off-line.

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    StingReay: then you'd find that your graphics card doesn't support other required features, and at the very least, isn't anywhere near powerful enough to give you a frame rate that would be considered even "tolerable".

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    the new version doesnt bootstrap .net 3.5 sp1?
    can we do without that to install a udk released game?

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