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Thread: exec function Jump()

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    exec function Jump()


    I am somewhat new to the UDK, but I followed the ball's tutorial on making a small and simple game. It works beautifully, so I tried to modify the jump function so I may add my code to allow the player to fly(eventually). Myplayercontroller is active, and it let's me override other functions like startfire. However, exec function jump() is seemingly never called. I can't post full code atm becuase I am at work, but this is the basic definition:

    exec function Jump()

    I am stumped as to why startfire works but not jump? My first post was in the wrong section under documentation lol, full code is there. Any ideas?

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    Because jump() is not actually used. The controller calls DoJump() on the pawn, when the jump button is pressed.

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    Red face

    Hey, I didn't find any other thread about this issue so im asking here: what do I have to put into my PlayerController state to override the functionality that is bound to Jump? For now I created a custom exec function and bound Jump AND my custom function to my jump key but that's stupid.

    state Bla
    exec function Jump()

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    You should override functionality in PlayerInput instead. That's where the current Jump() function is.

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