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Thread: Camera / controls system questions

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    Camera / controls system questions

    hey peeps.
    I hope this is the right forum to ask these questions .. please forgive me my scripting knoweldge is non existent.

    Ok so i basically followed "The Ball tutorial" and i have my folder setup and the scripts that come with the tutorial. I have my animations / models and animtree's working. Everything works beautifully then im vewing my basic level through the editor. But i do have a few problems, to get most of the things working i needed to change the UTGame default settings for things like Mesh, Animtree's and speed values to get my character to move correctly.

    so my questions are these,

    Although using the changing all the defult properties works ok, but i would really like my own set of default properties in a very limited script that controls my entire project..

    These would include

    MyPawn - to control mesh - animsets
    MyControls - which would really only need to control the four arrow keys for moveing my character and a few others which would control some other animations like hit, sneek and jump.
    MyCamera - which would control the position on the camera (3rd person)

    I dont really want to have to keep changing the UTGame defaults,

    is this evan possible ? and how would i go about doing this ?

    any help would be hugely appericated

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    Umm.. have you read any information about unrealscript in udk, at all? That is how you do it, not by modifying the base classes.

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    Honestly mate, im an animator / modeller - and a newb to scripting, but wanting to learn..

    Thanks for the link, its difficult to find any straight answers, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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