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Thread: Looking for a coder who's looking for an artist...

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    Looking for a coder who's looking for an artist...

    Hello everybody.
    I've got an idea for a wonderfull and extatic game but I don't want to build a team for now. I have to make a kind of demo. Something very basic.

    Then, I'm looking for someone how can help me with the scripting part of it.
    I need a new gameInfo.uc wich gives me :

    - An evolved 3d person camera. The same type of camera we can see in games like Assassin'creed or ME. By moving the mouse, the camera orbits the player's model, looking at it. But the player don't rotate (a behindView don't do the trick...) .
    - By pressing ZSQD, the player walks in regard of the camera position. So we can see the player walking sideway or toward the camera.
    - I want to use my model and my anim tree.

    With this little piece of code, I can begin my demo.

    Of course, I can't pay for this and my project is too young to speak about royalties. There's a business plan I have in my head but it's too soon. I can't be sure my project will lead to something serious. So, I propose to pay the coder who helps me by making something he can't do by himself like a 3D model or some animation with 3DS max, In fair exchange.

    If I found the one, I'll save a lot of time.
    thank you for your interrest ^^

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    I can probably do this for you next weekend - fire me off an e-mail to l.parkes-haskell[AT]

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    It's a very good news !
    Until this, I'll continue with animations.

    See you soon ^^

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