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Thread: Measurement templates and UDK existing meshes

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    Measurement templates and UDK existing meshes


    I am making a build template in Max and was wondering if there is a way to get out some static meshes from UDK to import into Max to get some object sizing. Basically I am working to a 1 unit = 2cm in Max. A UDK man is 96 units high, a wall would be about 256 high.
    What I want to do is get into max things like the Mantra, a blast door, wall segment, walkway segment etc and just build boxes to represent those objects as a build template.

    Any ideas on how I can size these things up?



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    I know this may seem like too noob a question but any help will be great. I just want to get my meshes right and am just looking for some reference meshes or the like.


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    You don't really need to import the meshes to max. Just place the meshes you want to measure in a level in UDK, then drag with the middle mouse button (in the ortographic views) to get a measure in unreal units.
    When you make something in max, whatever is your base unit will be 1 unreal unit when you export the model to UDK, so the middle mouse measure should translate directly to max units.
    For example, paste the Mantra and measure its X Y and Z lengths, then make a box in max with the same unit values.

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    perfect, thanks for that - simple yet it will do exactly what I need.

    Cheers and beers


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