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Thread: BR-THOR_BOWL [Final] [Pics] [PC]

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    BR-THOR_BOWL [Final] [Pics] [PC]

    Name: BR-THOR_BOWL

    Compatibility: UnrealEd v2.1 - BombingRun mod v3.22

    od of war THOR organises his world famous competition, best known as "THOR BOWL".

    s usual, you'll have to sign the general discharge to gain access to playoffs.

    nscriptions are open ! The Grand Final which will see the EPIC confrontation between
    the two best "brain off" teams will take place at NoMansLand Stadium on Decembre 21, 2012.

    s most of you know, THOR is a great Hammer addict. You may have the chance to see
    some masterpieces from his own personal collection, during your spare time.

    Please Do disable "shoot to score" in the mod options.
    As the gameplay is inspired by american football, the ball is meant to be brought to the end lines.

    Changelog since Final 1.0:

    - Added RocketLauncher, Flak, Stinger, Sniper, Health, Armor
    - No more Dickheads vs Douchebags but VISITHORS vs WARRIORS
    - Provide cover spots on the field
    - New THOR BOWL (Trophy design)
    - New animated sky with modified stock textures and material
    - New sound design. Don't you dare shooting at the amplifiers !
    - More detailed surroundings (fog work)
    - Damage zones (world limits) gives less damage (15/sec), just as a warning.
    - lower gravity
    - Some general cleaning

    Changelog since beta 2.0:

    - UT3 won't crash at the end of the game anymore. I had to cook the map.
    - Add some custom tribunes and flags to match the CTF version
    - Modified pain and kill zones
    - Add a Post Process Volume around the whole map (bloom - desaturation)
    - Add an additional omni light to get rid of black areas
    - Sharper lightmaps
    - bigger playing and surrounding areas
    - some tuning...

    Changelog since beta 1.0:

    - Replaced the basic banners by other more detailed.
    It's not RED vs BLUES anymore but DICKHEADS vs DOUCHEBAGS.
    Please don't take it too personal ^^
    By the way I inverted the team sides for "artistic" reasons.
    Dickhead's side is now dry and shiny when Douchebag's is humid and obscure.
    - Got rid of the invisible walls.
    Now the gamezone is 1/3 bigger, allowing the player to visit the graveyard.
    Walls are replaced by a pain zone, followed by a killzone. (Thanks 1XTreme for the idea)
    The ball won't strangely bump back to the field after an awkward shoot anymore.
    Moreover the players can jump from the sides through the goal zone. Freestyle !
    You can try some (solo or coop) "alley oops" too (Hell yeah, it was supposed to be football...)
    - Developped advanced bot pathing thanks to UTBRPathNodes
    - Created MiniMap
    - Added a crater on one of the hills (planning to put another one on the field)
    - Added flags (from the "Capture the flag" package), with modified materials
    - More detailed terrain texture layouts
    - Fixed the skybox's ugly lookup issue
    - Digged some corner hills, so that the player can have a quick glimpse to the extended universe.
    - Added a second height fog at knee height
    - Hid the original ball base
    - Slightly bigger sun
    - Tomb materials have less glow and each tomb mesh (400) has been patiently oriented
    so that the graveyard seems less straight, more "natural", like abandonned..
    - Created custom audio commentaries. As I plan to add an animated THOR head in the sky,
    I already implemented some of his thought about game events.
    - Disabled voice announcements through Kismet


    - Thanks W@rHe@d for this wisely thought BombingRun mod and for great help provided on various forums.
    You can download the mod here

    - Thanks Epic for the impressive Unreal Editor.

    - Thanks everyone who helped on Epic's forum !

    - Special mention goes to 'NO GUTS NO GLORY' for this angry hXc soundtrack they let me add.
    Please check their myspace at


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    Could you upload this to Strategy Informer?

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    OK, I'll do that.

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    Hehe ! I'm glad to announce I recieved my first "terrible" star on this release !
    Cheers angry people !

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    just at 4 stars you have 3 now
    sweet this map is final download now

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    Thanks for support and download
    Hope you'll like it !

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    I don't have test it yet but glad you have finish it
    GJ Christophe !

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    Quote Originally Posted by molosev View Post
    Hehe ! I'm glad to announce I recieved my first "terrible" star on this release !
    Cheers angry people !
    Yes, it looks like like some idiot with no life is giving every thread a 1 star rating . Check the "Level Editing" section and you'll know what I mean.

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    I actually think the one star thing might be a glitch. I created a thread once that had one star right after I created it. A couple months back it seemed like a bunch of new posts that occurred on the same day had one star.

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