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Thread: where is a tutorial for setting up ai navigation

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    where is a tutorial for setting up ai navigation

    as with everything udk, information is scattered and incomplete.
    could you give me any tutorial links concerning navmesh, pylons, pathnodes and ai navigation please.
    i keep getting this message when i build, so i know im not doing something right:
    'blah has no path and is not inside the NavMesh'
    im using utbot utpawn for the bots

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    download the video tutorials..

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    thank you
    and where might i find those?

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    ummm I know Tegleg has probably moved beyond needing a tutorial.

    however, in my case, I'm still getting my head around this... Froyok's link to the 3dBuzz tutorial is a start, but really doesn't help much because it's just focused on crowds.

    please, does anybody know of a decent tutorial?

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    What is "blah"?

    UTBot does not use Navigation Mesh. You have to use PathNode navigation for UTBot, unless you're re-written the path finding code in UTBot to use NavigationHandle to find your paths.

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    Thanks Blade, it helps that you've confirmed this. I've been up and down the forums, and it gets somewhat confusing.

    I have a Vehicle Capture The Flag gametype. However, at the moment, my bots will only go after each others' flag and bring it home if they are just a few meters apart (I'm not using pathnodes, yet). Actually, I'm getting some sensible (but also some unusual and unwanted) bot behavior... like bots spawning doing nothing until shot, committing suicide and teammates driving into each other (especially the flag carrier) with vehicles. They are amusing to watch, but it isn't really moving my game forward

    I'm wondering, if I add navmesh recognition, via the NavigationHandle, to UTBot, will they still go after each other's flags when they are a couple of miles (or kilometers) apart? In other words, will the navmesh pick up the location of priorities like flags, vehicles, pick-up?

    I'll give it a try this evening, should be interesting.

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    Ok, trying to get the bots to work with my level's navmesh (which looks fine), here's progress so far:

    -added the TestAI and AIPawn from the UDN ( to my MyMod folder (just copied and pasted, made no changes)
    -except for, changed the target skeletal mesh to Liam_Cathode (usual robot) because the specified test skeletal mesh isn't in UDK
    -updated both my ActorFactories Controller Class (TestAI) and Pawn Class (AIPawn)

    Results to date:

    -both teams spawn, but nobody is moving at all
    -they won't respond to the enemy team bots, to the player or being shot
    -they won't move for vehicles or flags

    Please help!

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    TestAI only takes a Kismet GoToActor command, and follows it. If you want it to do anything else, you'll need to write that behavior.

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