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Thread: Unreal engine 4

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    Solid Snake
    how can the skeleton crew remaining hope to succeed
    Because, damn, they really want to. Also they'll be adopting SCRUM, AGILE and DICTATORSHIP in a BANANA REPUBLIC development team. This will only ensure success!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilmrfrank View Post
    This is entirely my opinion but I wouldn't be surprised if the UDK turned out extremely successful that Epic would make a UDK based on the UE4 when that comes out as well. Maybe wishful thinking on my part XD
    Well then we better make some damn good games for UDK, then, Eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by immortius View Post
    He's a duke, not a king. Also, his battered, comatose body may still be strapped into life support - but can that really be called living? If a full dev team couldn't resuscitate him over a 10 year period, how can the skeleton crew remaining hope to succeed.
    Hail to the king baby

    Duke is merely his first name, he's a king!

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    I'm very optimistic in this
    I would really like to see any kind of game using UE4 next year in 2011.
    Maybe UE3's UDK project will be closed when it is released but anyway,it will be awesome
    Even if it will feature nextgen consoles,I don't think that they won't even try to use the engine for PC games at least at the end of 2012 or at Q1 2013.
    I almost can't wait UE4,I hope it will have photorealistic graphics XD

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