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Thread: custom character with udk skeleton

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    custom character with udk skeleton

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if i could import my custom character made in blender and to attach the skeleton of SK_Crowd_Robot to my character in order to use the animations related to this skeleton in particular? And if I have my own character attached to an skeleton made in blender, could i link it to the animations made in UDK? Im new at all this, try to understand me Thanks in advance...


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    Google shows lots of tutorials in this topic.
    There are tutorials for UT3 editor, they are good to understand the UDK's custom character cretion methods and the Mastering Unreal Technology books will also help you a lot.

    Try these first:

    UDK exporter for blender: serach for:
    (But it is not working very good on my computer, The Google Sketchup UT3 exporter is better then this. 3D MAX has ActorX exporter for animated meshes.)

    And nice to see girls (women) in this industry.

    Good luck!

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    no you must create the skeleton rig in your 3d app then export it.
    if you maintain the bone naming you'll be able to use the UDK character anims

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    you mean b_root, b_hips, b_leftleg and so on ?
    can i use directly biped and rename his meshes ?

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    you mean b_root, b_hips, b_leftleg and so on

    can i use directly biped and rename his meshes
    if you can re-name the biped bone then why not

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    Well hello! Thanks for all the replys! Im gonna follow all the tutorial steps and then ill tell u guys how it went... I got to do some tests... See ya!

    A woman starting in this industry

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    Ok, so I've figured out how to import my skeletal mesh, but I don't know if im properly packaging it for actual use. Every time I try to launch from front end it just says " disconnected from host" and then goes back to the main menu. Any suggestions?

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    And for those that were also confused by all the other weird steps, Just put your character on top of the skelatal mesh you can download from, I did it inside 3ds max and its working awesome, and you export it using the actor x plugin. Then you might be closer to being stuck where I am.

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    Here is a blender version of the default skeleton. Just stick your model on top (probably scaled by 100 though) and then apply the bone weights, and then you will be able to use the default Unreal animations as soon as you import the character. It's nice.

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    @syntaxbrn, not realy sure whats gone wrong, please when starting out go step by step as i did in my basic UDK tutorials then we might be able to help

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