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Thread: animation export: softimage -> unreal

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    animation export: softimage -> unreal

    I'm sorry for the double post but, it's been around for nearly a month and the name doesn't attract people it seems.

    My problem is this: I can export skeletal meshes just fine from softimage, but when I export my animations (frames: 1-40, 45-65, etc.) I cannot import into unreal because my package contains "unrecognizable data" can anyone help me?, or if not, point me to a mod for an unreal engine 3 game that has a 3rd person perspective and good walking anims? (just walking as if walking down the street, no holding anything)

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    Are you still having this issue?
    Which version of the Actor X are you using?
    Which version of Softimage are you using?

    I would recommend looking at exporting with Collada or FBX out of Softimage.
    Using the FBX format is the method moving forward for Autodesk products to Unreal.

    UDK FBX news

    UDK FBX user guide

    Autodesk FBX news

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