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Thread: Basic features seem to be glitching on me.

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    Basic features seem to be glitching on me.

    When I start UDK, i change the cube size to a big platform shape. I then set it to solid and apply a texture. Some reason I randomly lose the ability to change the texture. It's like certain textures remove the ability to change it. I hit ctr z to remove the texture I thought was causing it and then I can't do anything to the platform anymore. NO texture will go on it.

    Also when I place a player start and try to line it up with the platform on all 3 of the screens I get a X inside a green box. Once the box appears it never goes away no matter where I place the dude.

    If I restart and do everything perfect I am fine, but this would get real old if I wanted many platforms and walls. Any clue what is going wrong ?

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    Star Weaver
    I was just having some trouble selecting a surface on a 4096*4 sheet brush; it wasn't responding to the mouse.

    Ym, have you tried moving your playerstart up off the surface? That green X usually means it's too close to solid geometry/collision. If you get a good look at it it should say 'bad size' too.

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