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Thread: Spawning skeletal meshes with other items

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    Spawning skeletal meshes with other items

    Hey guys

    I want to create a custome npc using the unreal anims. I would like to have some cloth and particle effects on the character too. I understand there are plenty of tutorials dotted around on how specifics but I can't find anything that offers more of an overview on how to go about doing this.

    I should mention I am new to UDK and very new to programming.

    Currently I have a game mode which is extending of UTDeathmatch. I then have a custom pawn extending off UTPawn which currently has the code that TheAgent offered in another thread.

    class AdvModellingPawn extends UTPawn;
    // members for the custom mesh
    var SkeletalMesh defaultMesh;
    var MaterialInterface defaultMaterial0;
    var AnimTree defaultAnimTree;
    var array<AnimSet> defaultAnimSet;
    var AnimNodeSequence defaultAnimSeq;
    var PhysicsAsset defaultPhysicsAsset;
    simulated function SetCharacterClassFromInfo(class<UTFamilyInfo> Info)
    	Begin Object Name=WPawnSkeletalMeshComponent
    	End Object
    This changes the character to the mesh I want and works fine. (although I still do not understand how exactly it works, if someone cares to explain to me)

    I would now like to attach a cloth item to the mesh. I have the cloth working if I skin it to a bone (in this case the shoulder bone which I am not using) and set that to cloth. The cloth however does not collide with the mesh. I did some searching and found out you need to use two different skeletal meshes. This works but only if I do it all in the editor.

    How do I go about having an npc spawn with the cloth? I presume this must be in the code but I do not even know where to start.

    I would also like to have some particle effects, something like a dust/glow cloud. How should I go about spawning an npc with this as well?

    What is the general pipeline/workflow I should be doing?

    Sorry for the block of text, I thought it best to explain my situation fully.

    Thanks guys

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    Wish I knew. I'm trying to get a character to have a cloth in his hand that he wipes his helmet with.

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