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Thread: UDK Skatepark

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    UDK Skatepark

    I started this project some time back and I'm starting to really concentrate on it more now. I'm trying to finish up in the next month or so and figured I'd post some updates here to get some feedback on it. I'm working more on custom static meshes right now more than the actual environment though.

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    Couple Questions

    I'm having a couple of problems at the moment. First, I'd like to get the hoverboard in there but switch it to a custom model. I had the hoverboard working when I was working in Unreal ED but the WAR- trick doesn't work in UDK. Second, I have some ambient sounds emitters playing songs but when you leave the song starts over. I want it to continually play. Third I have an ambient emitter that's linked to a trigger that plays music (making a jukebox that plays a couple songs) when activated but when you leave it's radius it permanently turns off and is unable to re-trigger. I couldn't find anything close in the forums and figured I'd ask here. Thanks for any help .

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    Use VCTF- that gives a hoverboard in UDK.
    add a loop node in the soundcue that will make the sound loop.
    Use play music track in kismet instead its much better imo.
    look on the trigger in kismet and see if you have set that the trigger can only be used 1 time. Put a 0 there instead.

    Good luck with your game!

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    Thanks for the Info there Mkandersson, I'll see how it all works out. In the meantime here is my arcade that I'm putting in the skatepark. It's all done aside from the fact that I can't get transparencies to work. So here is my question, how do I get transparencies to work? I tried importing my own transparency and using the alpha in the texture file and nothing is working. Any clues anyone? Thanks in advance.

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    ...I keep thinking this thread is my thread (I'm making a skatepark too).

    Anyways, good luck man! Looking pretty good so far.

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    Here's some wheels and boards that I've modeled. One wheel and one board with many texture swaps. The soldier is just for scale and belongs to Unreal. I have some display cases modeled and UV'd and I'm starting the texture. That'll be done soon.

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    Here's another shot of my skatepark showing some of the ramps. The ground material is actually black asphalt but you couldn't see the rail. Once again the soldier is property of Unreal and is for scale only.

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    You should first concentrate on the game mechanics rather than on the graphical work.
    In the end you'll find yourself with a non funtional skatepark.

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    What type of mechanics are you speaking of? I'm not intending this to be playable other than the fact of being able to walk around in it. This park is meant mainly to show off my environmental and object modeling skills for my portfolio. Anything else like scripting and particles are just icing on the cake.

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    In regards to the Arcade, as a request ? Place in a "Skate of Die!" Booth as well as in map in joke oh and The Boards themsleves? don't you dare forget to put in a ton of "Hook up" board man. Those are da bizschnizille.

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