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Thread: UTPawn skeletalmesh floating

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    Exclamation UTPawn skeletalmesh floating

    Hello to all,

    I've been trying to get my own custom skeletalmesh to show up ingame as a bot. So far I've tackled many small things and succeeded, but ofcourse, just because I've won a battle or two doesn't mean I won the war just yet

    My new problem is the fact that my pawn isn't exactly leveled with the ground but floating quite a bit above it:

    Also, when I try to shoot it the PhysicsAssets I've assigned to it seems to be lower than the mesh itself. I can shoot through his head for instance, without the bullet colliding with something.

    I've been trying to fix this all day with no luck. So far I've setup an offset in the SkeletalMesh itself so it seems to be on the floor, but the PhysicsAssets still seems to be lower than the Mesh.

    Though I have a few options left to try I would rather take my chances and post this here in case someone recognizes the problem and can point me into the right direction, for my time is running out on my deadline (school project)

    A few thoughts:
    - Could this have something to do with the PhysicsAssets I've assigned to it according to the UDN tutorial video?
    - Should I change my pivot's position in 3ds Max or something?
    - Should I continue setting up my custom AnimTree? (look at this post for my previous workflow)

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    Just a quick addition: When I click Play From Here I can see the pawn falling on the ground for a mere second, before returning to his floating position..

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    in the mesh options change the origin z=-51
    this is required when using the UTPawn

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    Thanks again Geodav for pointing out such small but valuable information. You are a project's lifesaver

    As for the PhysicsAsset appearing to be lower than the Mesh:that wasn't the case at all. My CollisionCylinder was able to take hits from bullets, which clearly shouldnt. I fixed this by adding a line "BlockZeroExtent=FALSE" to the CollisionCylinder code in my Pawn class AND adding "BlockZeroExtent=TRUE" and "CollideActors=TRUE" to my SkeletalMeshComponent code.

    I stumbled upon this here:

    Now my custom PhysicsAsset takes the damage as it should be

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    glad to hear it works

    looking forward to see-ing a video or beta

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    Instead of using "show bounds", try "show collision" as well. As bounds have pretty much nothing to do with the actual BSP collision.

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    Hey there Lennard. Thanks! I already found the "show collision" command and it helped me figure out some other problems I had with the PhysicsAsset and CollisionCyllinder. Thanks for the reply though

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    i assigned my custom mesh to the player so i now i spawn as my custom character but when i got to third person view my player is floating and the camera is like zoomed on its ass so i want to lower it.....and about the z=-51 where do i put that in 3dsmax or in the animset editor i tried in animset editor on the properties where it says bounds but it doesnt work

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    Quote Originally Posted by geodav View Post
    in the mesh options change the origin z=-51
    this is required when using the UTPawn
    See above for the z options and where to put it (double click your skeletal mesh in the asset window and look for it there).

    As for the 3rd person camera view I'm not sure. How are you implementing that? I'm sure you can set the distance/angle somewhere. Or are you just toggling it with the console command? If the latter -> search these forums for any 3rd person camera examples. There are tons of them out there!

    - Cheers

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    see here

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