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Thread: Anti TCC 2009 Release 6

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    Anti TCC 2009 Release 6

    Anti TCC 2009 Release 6 is officially out.

    Changes since release 5:
    • Fixed a bug where the in-game chat menu did not update when new chat lines arrived.
    • Fixed mouse sensitivity changes via the settings menu not having any effect while playing on an Anti TCC server.
    • Improved interaction between bMidGameCheck, bMultipleMidGameChecks and bEndGameCheck settings. bMultipleMidGameChecks=False now ensures there is at most a single mid-game check between map changes. End-game checks between Onslaught/Assault rounds no longer count as mid-game check for bMultipleMidGameChecks=False.
    • Improved kick behavior during initial checks. Package, class and skin checks are skipped if a kick-worthy insecurity was detected in an earlier stage.
    • Added mandatory FullMD5 checks for Core, Engine, UnrealGame, XGame and XInterface packages with allowed MD5s being those from UT2004 v3369 and Logitech G15 patch v3372.
    • Older versions than v3369 are no longer supported.
    • Fixed bSpawnFakePlayers=False not working.
    • Added Anti TCC version to server details. (configurable)
    • Added log messages about duplicate prefetch/disallow/MD5 checks.
    • Added admin login monitoring.
    • Added log timestamp placeholders for fractional seconds and game time. (not used by default)
    • Potentially fixed players being invisible during demo playback in some cases.

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    Good Work!

    PS: Will there be further updates for Anti TCC in future?

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    Depends on the response. Bug/cheat reports (and possibly donations via my website) will help.

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    ty for the update

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    is there a way to possibly merge screenshot sender with anti? just wondering.

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    "Potentially fixed players being invisible during demo playback in some cases"

    In some cases?, I have yet to see a demo with any of the new versions of AtniTcc that dosn't do this.
    Does it everytime if you use demos to monitor for cheaters, it is really usless when the demo's do not show the players.

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    How come people always start complaining afterwards instead of mentioning bugs to me right away? There's no such thing as an obvious bug. If it slipped through into a release, I obviously don't know about it and thus it will still be there in the next release.

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    Awesome... Thanks for the update Wormbo.

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    Thanks wormbo.

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    Good job. It's cool to see that Ut2k4 is still updated.

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