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Thread: Unreal Championship Extracted Content

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    maybe they'll be nice enough to at least hint at how they made the tornado in jahan? :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBarrage99 View Post
    maybe they'll be nice enough to at least hint at how they made the tornado in jahan? :S
    That info may be obainable, but I think it was technically a glitch. I would suggest sending a PM to WillHaven or JoeGraff. Is James Ewing on the forums? (Ewing is my fav!). He was the lead mapper on most of these games.

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    Any updates on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daydreamdirty View Post
    Any updates on this?
    Yes sir. Go here and get cha download on:

    To sum it all up:

    We were able to extract the weapon models and a good deal of code from the Unreal Championship games. The UC1 weapons have been successfully brought into UT2004. We even managed to improve a few things with the weapons. For example, the Lightning Gun in UT2004 has always looked kind of strange with missing parts on the tip in first person view. We fixed that, and also added a little more visual "oomph" to the weapon with a nice looking shader. You'll see when you play it.

    None of the extracted content will work anywhere near instantly in UT2004. The UC2 stuff (like weapons) would be extremely difficult to bring into Ut2004 and work well. The weapon models from UC2 are extracted, but the animations are not. Even the UC1 weapon required a considerable amount of re-tooling to get into UT2004, but they still shared some similarities and came from essentially the same version of Unreal Engine. UC2 does not share anything in common and makes most of that stuff very difficult.

    The only things from UC2 that are directly extracted that have been put out there are the character models (search UC2 characters to find the DL) and a few level pickups like the health, adrenaline, invisibility, and super adren. (no uDamage...we used the UT3 version which looks similar)

    ALL of the levels in th epack I linked to above with the exception of Compressed, Gael, and Lava Giant are REMAKES. They were built from scratch completely, many of them before this extraction technique became availible. The static meshes are still un-extractable from UC2. The ones you see in the UC2 levels, I made myself using an Xbox, an eyeball, and Maya PLE several years ago.



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