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Thread: Orion - Coming to UDK! Seeking talent!

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    Orion - Coming to UDK! Seeking talent!

    Please refer to the updated thread:

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    I want in on this. I can do some pretty gnarly level design.

    my email is

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    Contact me via email - about to go see a movie with the misses. I'll be able to check via my phone though.


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    I would love to be in on that but I have no experience in anything, only thing I have is ideas XD
    Maybe I could work on IU with photoshop ?

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    I'm interested, I have a sketchbook over at

    I can draw, model and use the UDK. I am interested in learning UnrealScript

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    I am interested in joining, as Level Designer. I am very skilled in unreal editor, some skills in making models, and basic skills with working in photoshop.

    My website with gallery of maps i done for UT3:
    Map topics on this forum:
    2 maps: DOM-Apodos and DOM-Aki in Domination mod

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    Cupcakes man, DazDaryl, and Nawrot I've checked out some of your work and / or have sent you an email.

    If I havent, please feel free to contact me personally at:

    Skype: david.prassel
    Steam: Praz34

    We are still looking - so do NOT be shy!

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    I was just wondering how you see "Level Designer". From my experience, it is in Source the person who creates and finishes a whole level, from BSP to props (Static Meshes); but in UE3 more like the person who simply creates the basic lay-out.

    I'd like to know which of these definitions you use.


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    Yeah on Source it was mostly the person that created the displacements and brushwork for the level based off the level overview concepts or there own designs. Using content like world props and materials to decorate.

    On UDK this will be a little bit different, mostly because building levels on UDK is different. We are still nailing away at a few things such as dimensions and what not.. But what we are looking for is someone that can do all the terrain, dispacements and static mesh creation. If you do 3d art that is a bonus. We have others focused on the creation of world props, materials, and audio / ambience. Hope this helped answer your question.

    Also, sorry, typed this from my phone, not at home currently.. So please forgive any spelling mistakes

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    question: since you have such success with the source engine usage (mod building), what is the reason to switch while you are in the middle of a beta, that has been brought to the attention of Valve? The door is open, you get attention, with quite a lot of potentials (maybe even a deal with valve to make the mod a standalone game with their engine, just as they did with the original Counterstrike mod team), and on this point you are walking away from the door, and trying to open a new door, which is unsure what's behind it.. Seems not so wise..
    maybe i'm wrong, and you do have a valid reason for switching the formula..

    just curious, cos wouldn't it be wiser to make this project (based on the source engine) go gold, and then do a sequel on the UDK?

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