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Thread: Yet Untitled Platforming Game

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    Yet Untitled Platforming Game

    Hey guys!
    This thread is to keep track of my yet untitled platforming game. I came across a lot (a lot!) of problems in UnrealScript, as there is no proper documentation for it (I don't consider documentation-ish enough) but thanks to the great help by Blaguuu I was able to solve many of them and here I am now.

    -Quite complex 2.5D camera (you can notice it zoom in at the end of the vid, for example)
    -Shooting actually works and it's done Metroid-style (6 directions)
    -No dodging and higher double jump (wow, what a feature XD)
    -I'm pretty sure there was something else but I can't quite remember

    Still gotta work on a lot of stuff but at least you can see it shaping up. If all else fails, it will be a great UScript lesson.

    Oh, the fracture-able rock model and map brush textures are mine

    Link to vid:


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    Awesome man !

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    Oh and if you've got suggestions, post 'em. When I finish it'll hopefully be a sci-fi shooter with ancient elements and steering similar to that of Metroid and similar games, as I think there's not enough of those around these days

    I gotta rewrite a bit of the aiming system as it's not as responsive as I'd hoped it would be. Right now for example when the up button is pressed it checks if the player is currently moving and if he is, it aims up diagonally, if he isn't, it aims straight up.
    I have to figure out a way to register the keys (probably through a custom variable like bIsUpPressed).

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    This is very cool Dandi8. I think games like this are going to become pretty popular with the success of Shadow Complex. I hope to work on someting in the side scrolling style once I learn UDK a bit more. I may have to hit you up on some tips for the camera, etc.

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    Good work mate.

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    Dang, looks fun to play with...Any chance of sharing the source code for the camera?

    Nice work btw.

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    NIce job. This type of games is more and more famous. Essentialy in several MMO RPG like Dragonica.
    You can play with the deph :P :P I remember Duke Nuken : Manhattan Project !!!

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    Nice onw!! I like

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    Quote Originally Posted by HideInLight View Post
    Dang, looks fun to play with...Any chance of sharing the source code for the camera?

    Nice work btw.
    My current code is a bit of a mess atm. but I had a bare-bones camera code backup lying around somewhere. I can upload it if you want it but it just a camera following the player, without all the fancy effects. It's easy to add them in, though

    DN:MP was pretty fun although it lacked depth IMO A lot of my inspiration is from Metroid as I think that's the most atmospheric series (at least the 2D ones). For some reason I like Metroid: Fusion the best.

    Right now my biggest concern is that I suck at modelling organics and I have to model the player and enemies somehow XD

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    Yeah I have understood you like some ''old school'' games ^^
    Contrat, Metal Slug, Metroid, and other...

    About the deph, I think about Lomax... when you want to go to the background.

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