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Thread: Placement of b_root bone

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    Placement of b_root bone

    I have a question about the placement of the b_root bone when I am rigging. I am using XSI, and this has been puzzling me for weeks...what is the correct orientation of the bone so that the character will appear correct. I have tried on all attempts to get the root bone correct but no dice.

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    Character should appear correct no matter how you place your bone. Are you sure there isn't an animation being played on the character when previewing in the editor? If I understand this correctly your character receives an offset in the editor. Try clicking the little button saying ref and he should be standing in his ref pose with no animation applied.

    Otherwise I suppose there's a coordination difference between XSI and Unreal, just like with Maya, so you have to offset it in the editor before export.

    If I'm wrong on both points you'll have to elaborate what the actual problem is.

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    If your finding the your character is on it's side once imported you might need to change it's origin and rotation as XSI uses a Y up world rather than Z like UEd.

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    Hey steeler what's up...? I am working directly in XSI for all of my assets... trying to get in some of the animation on my character to work... will try it after i rig it again. How do I change this in XSI....? I've used XSI since 3.0 and i have never figured this part out.

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    In Maya, when I have my characters as Z - Up, they still are shown in the UDK backwards 180 degrees.

    So after I make z - up in maya, i just rotate the b_root (after its all bind and the highest node in hierarchy) to 180 degrees, with the back facing the front view. When it's imported in UDK, its facing forward and the correct way.

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