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Thread: share sources of your projects. for experience exchange

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    share sources of your projects. for experience exchange

    Hello world)
    let's share sources of your projects. it's a good idea for experience exchange.

    people who make something really-unreal good games or game prototypes please share with community

    when i see presentation movies or tutorials or game prototype in YouTube then i wanna cry because i want to can to make something like it. and i don't know how. i read manuals, see tutorials, BUT!!! without examples i can not understand many things.

    please don't be a greedy, share with others.

    i wanna make RTS+RPG. and any rpg examples for me will be very useful.
    and some time ago, i thinking some like this: "hmm, i am a brainy man and i will create something just for interest just like hobby just for free and share it to every who need it."
    But i cannot study and learn UDK without examples. so i am staying in one place. it's bad(((

    thanks to every who gives something for others...

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    Hmm you see there is one big problem with this.

    We are making RPG, some weapons and one map are almost done, but I cannot share source of it. To speed up things I used textures from UT3, this is totally temporary just to test meshes and create meterials. We will work on our own textures later, making them now when we are trying to estimate polycount and details for meshes is pointless. Because those textures are not mine I cannot publish anything more but some pictures.

    Same situation will repeat with armor system, we probably use UT3 meshes to code it, then we create our own pieces when we know how to do it and what is requited. Making those meshes now when we do not have code yet is wasted time.

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    I think you have a good idea but you must know that much designers work on their personnal projects, and it is really difficult to know if someone who asks to share works is a nice person.
    But I think it could be interesting to work on a commun project.

    I believe you should tell us more details about you Your skills for example, your experience. Then you could speak about your project or idead, your difficulties and what do you know about how to make a level, a mod, a game.

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    I dont know, i kind of find his post offensive when i read it, maybe its just the way he writes it.

    There is ALOT of example code already out there, for most things.

    If your expecting other people to just hand over there work for free, your mistaken, and its not greed (wow, your a special kind of special), or not caring for each other (how the f.. can you even say that ? pretty low, specially since its your first post).

    Its just business!.

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    Sounds like he's just having trouble finding out how to get started. maybe he's young, or foreign and not completely understanding our language can make things a bit more difficult?
    _h20_ just look around forums a bit, not particularly Epic's forums, however. I think the custom content threads in UT3 and Gears are good though.
    try looking around,,, for inspirations and examples of people's work.

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    Sources of what ? Meshes, code, materias ?

    Bah, when I have some source code that is usefull for someone I'm alwyas glad to share it with everyone.

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    I think you can read and check several forums and communities about indie games, garage games...
    It is a good way to discover the domain, but you must check the source in order to know if it is the truth.

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    There is no truth, only a flow of data.

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    I doubt you'll get anywhere with this idea, i've tried to push the same sort of thing in the UT2004/UT3 modding community but no joy, people won't share their code even if they learnt from other "open" mods.
    Now with UDK you will get even less "open" content because nearly everyone is hoping to make money out of their game, you might find 1 or 2 people who will show you how to do things but they are damn rare

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    Solid Snake
    I don't mind explaining concepts or how things work in broad strokes, but simply uploading code is sort of like giving fish away (teach a man to fish, give a man a fish ...).

    I find it kind of insulting actually when people just demand source code. I mean people who know how to use Unreal Engine have put in weeks, months or years of experience in knowing how to do something with it. People in the real world become teachers, tutors or consultants and get paid for their knowledge ... yet it seems here in general most people who are new to Unreal Engine 3 (simply because of the UDK) just want everything for free and want it right now [and yet will want to make AAA commercial titles].

    At the end of the day, I don't think it's greedy to retain the source code written by the developer (after all, said developer spent the time to write it, debug it and so forth). If the developer is willing to release the source code or write a tutorial for it then more power to him/her; but don't hold a grudge against those that don't.

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