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Thread: [Offered] Audio Production

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    [Offered] Audio Production

    Hi, I am a Composer/Sound Designer currently looking for a developer with a strong vision to create audio for.
    I have composed music on four XNA/Xbox Indie games, two of which are due for release imminently, and have created original sound effects for five.

    I have used XACT and FMOD for Audio implementation, but would like to get hands-on experience in working with Unreal engine and the UDK.

    Examples and credits are listed on my website:

    Also, here are some links to previous work:

    MySpace Page

    YouTube Page

    Early Work-in progress (Pre-XACT Implementation)

    Retro One: Part 2 (XNA game)

    If you would like to discuss what I can do for your project, Please E-Mail me, including reference material, if you have a strong idea of what you would like and project timescale.

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    Website has been updated with recent release info and new audio examples.

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    Extremely compelling. heres my email

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    I have recently completed work on several games, and am looking for new projects. Please only contact me if your game is in the mid-to-late stages.

    My website has been updated with details of my recent work, and a video of one title can be seen on YouTube -Trans-Subversion

    If interested in my services, please contact me at the address in the original post.

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