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Thread: DM-Malevolence [v0.9][pics][Beta 4]

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    at the mod too the map download file
    and readme how too install it

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    I have noticed that it seems you can not have the enforcer as a weapon pickup. So my plan to have it as a replaceable weapon may not work. Either way I'll figure something out.

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    Was looking the WIP thread since you made it but damn, your very quick beta is already here

    BTW Barballs, adding the Enforcer is very easy, look at my tuts for that on my blog

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    Thanks for that Stevelios I'll have a peek at the site.

    Well the map had be brushed a while ago So all i had to do was texture lighting and mesh. There's still a bit to go yet

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    Tryed in the early hours of the morning.

    Nice work mate just the lighting could use work seems not well lit in some places.

    waiting for beta2

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    Did a match on it today, this is very well done mate. Reading the todo list, I don't really have nothing to add except that don't forget to optimize the map by using the unlit material & the remove surfacematerial on specific BSP surfaces.

    Also, some materials look low poly, lack details. I presume you will enhance that also ? For the wood material, you can always use the one available by apophis3d. If you go on my blog, look at the "Ressources (for mappers / moders)" you will be redirect on the official website. I use the wood material in my DM-Aly map which look really nice after some modifications.

    Anyhow, it's really a great job & I'm looking forward the next version

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    Played a few rounds on this. Coming along very nicely!! The BSP structure/scale feels perfect. I will second what both Zerglings and Steve said.

    In the original there was a light under that deck overhang across from the armor vest corner - right now its a bit dark under there. You mentioned that you still had work on the lighting so you're probably on that one already.

    It would be totally beotchin' if you could add the same windows and scenery from the armor vest corner to where the rocket launcher is. The original had windows in both places (although you couldn't see out). By the way, the rounded corners of the rocket launcher area seem to have BSP errors/invisible seams if you scrape yourself along the wall there. Just walk along the back wall there near the corners and you can get hung up.

    Overall, I can tell this is going to be a perfect Malev! Thanks!

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    Status update. About to go at it again today things that I am working on at the moment:
    • Replaced Link gun in passage with Enforcer (in anticipation of ripper replacement)
    • Replaced 2 health vials by bio rife with 2 enforcer clips (in anticipation of ripper ammo replacement)
    • currently: Adding wall lights to the various spots they existed in the map

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    Out of curiosity is this going to be a low poly map or a standard high detailed map.

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    "Replaced Link gun in passage with Enforcer in anticipation of ripper replacement

    "Replaced 2 health vials by bio rife with 2 enforcer clips in anticipation of ripper ammo replacement"

    Hi Barballs.

    Didnt you hear someones explained in this thread not to try to use a ripper into your map? its interested that some silly posts get answered but useful posts are to igored on these topics some times I tried some such a maps with the ripper built in the maps is broken and does not work on multiplayer then why bother to relase a map for community bonus use?? maybe you should investigate this further instead of ignoring and breaking you map to foolish make 1 or 2 people satisfied

    hmmm its your map

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