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Thread: The Prometheus Team is looking to expand

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    The Prometheus Team is looking to expand

    And we are looking for an experienced concept artist to help us define our new art direction. We made some big changes in our art style from Phase 3 of the MSU contest to Phase 4, but we still have work to do in getting that perfect unique look for our game.

    Please email me or PM if you are interested, we'd love to hear from everyone that has some experience and interest in this area.

    Email: m0user(at)
    Mark "Mouser" Chandler

    PS After we find that right person to help us with the concept art position, we'll start to look for an experienced coder to join us as well.

    Here's our current project:

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    Here's some of the concept art that helped us get to our current look as a reference.

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    Prometheus is a great game, I look forward to see where the team takes it. The concept work looks GREAT.

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