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Thread: A Unreal Point And Click Adventure.

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    A Unreal Point And Click Adventure.

    I have showed this image in a different thread, it looks crap since I am not an artist. There is not that much functionality yet either. Everything works in different classes but still trying to make them get the info they need from each other. (Tracing working in one part, key press in another, and the menu state in another)

    This is going to be a Point And Click adventure simular to games like DejaVu and ShadowGate to The Nes. There will be a static camera looking out over a room and you can interact with the items trough old school Point and Click actions.

    I don't take responsibility for bleeding eyes.

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    Ah very cool, I grew up on Sierra/LucasArts adventure games. If you're not an artist, I'd seriously think about implementing the full dialogue/action system you got going there and sort of release it for others to use. I'm sure plenty of people would like to see such a system built for UDK (I would)!


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    This is very cool.

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    Like MYST? or can you move around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viion View Post
    Like MYST? or can you move around
    Myst had a more clean UI, more moving around with in a scene, mine is more planed to be like the Classic nes games like DejaVu, ShadowGate where the camera is locked in place before moving to a new room, and whatever game I release for it will probably be quite short and easy to play trough.

    The project itself is more based on implementing a part for another project I am considering, where you will have Point and Click like interaction with pussles in the game world while the actuall moving and action part is done in a different style.

    I just found it more rewarding to turn each part of a game idea in to separat projects, gives faster feedback if that part works. Then if everything is fine there is just the intigration between them left.

    I think you mentioned you planed a myst style game in another thread, so don't worry I don't plan to steal your thunder or idea, rather working on something I have planed for some time but not found a good engine for. ^^

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    Sounds like an interesting project, any up dates?

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    Yah makes me wanna go make a Sierra/Lucasarts game everytime I see this thread. Monkey Island for the win! Any updates?


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    Ditto! But you forgot Simon the Sourcerer 1-4 (except the 3rd that one sucks)

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    Not quite yet. There are other things taking my time as well, need to do some worksamples in flash.

    The main problem right now is that the ui steals all input. and i am not sure how to forward it quite yet to the scene.

    I might go at this the wrong way around. Maybe I should have none of the code in the controller and do all the magic in the scene, it should be possible.

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    Look/open/use/... interface sucks, that always annoyed me.
    Context sensitive cursors for the win.

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