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Thread: UDK tutorials and assets website

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    UDK tutorials and assets website

    Hi all,

    Like all the users here I really appreciate the time and effort spent by those making tutorials for all of us to use.

    My only complaint is that links to them are located all over these forums to many different sites.

    I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here... to try and alleviate the problem I made a website that is basically an on line school where people can both submit and subscribe to UDK tutorials.

    I'm also working on a content section where if people don't necessarily want to write a tutorial but are happy to share some basic assets that are compatible with UDK they can do so.

    Depending if its useful or not I was also thinking of adding a system where people can exchange assets or talents to get what they need for their UDK project.

    I've taken up enough of your time except to say I'm not making any money out of this so I hope you guys don't consider this spam

    Anyways the site address is


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    It's very badly looking so far. I can see it being useful if it will have content though. I might submit some assets too, if I like the site

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    Way to go.

    A very good idea, I think — especially regarding tutorials. The release of UDK was obviously something big, so I think it's a good idea to have a site like this that is UDK-exclusive. Of course, a lot of what was true in UT3 is still true now, and whatever still applies can be brought into the site ... but I hate looking at old docs and tuts, wondering if what I'm reading is still pertinent.

    Get a couple senior members to help edit/oversee/organize what content gets put there. There are some not-so-good tuts out there.

    Ask some of the prominent tutorial makers if they would let you host their UDK content.

    Get a designer to make the site look good. I'm guessing you JUST threw this together, and as you probably know, it could use a bit of work. But no need to get all funky — keep it simple (like this forum).

    Keep the content organized!

    Good luck!

    Edit: Just signed up. Just a thought, but this graphic designer thinks you should get rid of that Copperplate in your logo, man ... not so good on-screen. Try something sans-serif and bolder.

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    They also could be organized here:

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    some (good intentional but harsh sounding) notes: i think you need to watchout, since udk is a trademark of Epic. (in releation to what this site is about.)

    Furthermore, the site is very "clumsy" "buggy" in navigation, and doesn't have the professional looks (no beginner looks even). (not to turn your idea down, but after ten seconds of visit, i had the "eeeewww" feeling, and "were can i find it?!" )

    I think you're way to fast advertising this site, the site is nowhere ready yet. (not optimized, not clear in navigation, not filled with content, etc etc etc)

    i understand the rush, the excitement, but.. a proper site, needs proper testing, proper design, proper content to start with.
    For visitors there is barely nothing to do, then a buggy navigation and 2 movies.

    I wonder: what's the real purpose behind this site, i mean indepth?
    In your description here you mention a sort of school, why then udkASSETS as domain, and not udktraining, or udkschool, or even
    The term assets refers to materials (like meshes, script snippets, textures, animation data, sound files etc etc etc), not tutorials. Quite confusing now. Seems like the school idea is not the main goal, but a shop kind (like turbosquid™) is?!
    If so, have you implemented a shop system that truly works stable?

    Let me know, more info, and more scheduling on the site preperation for the grand opening.

    To conclude, if you want this project to succeed on the long term, you need proper planning, designing, goals, and mixtures of those. Then transform the idea/draft etc.. to a prototype to test functions/goals out. If that works, then build further.. etc etc..
    once the site ready to launch, then advertise, so visitors come and most likely stay.
    Remember this: if a visitor is annoyed, they will mostly not return any time soon. (thus loosing potentials of e.g. submitters, community growth)

    What i mean: test, build, test, prepair, QA, bugfix, test, release as beta, fix, release as stable.
    If game developers would not use the above points, then all games would be terrible in stability, usability etc.. Developers work very long internally en sometimes externally (beta), before the product is ready for the big audiences. Same applies to every public project (like websites).

    I hope you noticed that my points are ment for making this site a success.
    Keep up the good works.. and hopefully a solid solution will arise soon for this project.

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    Thanks all for the constructive feedback, I will be "prettying" it up over the next couple of days based on your feedback.

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    Hi again,

    Based on feedback I have recoded the site to be more visually appealing and user friendly... yes as AreDub you were right in thinking I just finished it and was all excited previously

    Saymoo, I put a detailed explanation of the site and where I hope to take it in the future on the front page per your recommendation to make things clearer for potential users.

    Overall much better, however I am always open to more constructive criticism.



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    there, MUCH better, in contrast to the first version! More visual appealing now.. and much easier to navigate and to read. Keep it up

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    What might be Epic's response to this site? I think it's absolutely great idea, as it would be great for community to have site like this to add their tutorials into. However if Epic has some plans of its own to make user wiki/asset site this site can be in trouble?

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    Great idea, but domain name may be annoying for Epic. IMO it is too close to their IP if you need to explain at front page that site is not owned by Epic.

    I really would love that something like this emerges. But for it you need system like mapraider did for ut3, or at least something like Gallery with downloadable archives.

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