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Thread: Error Message Unreal Frontend

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    Exclamation Error Message Unreal Frontend

    Hey people

    i am getting this error when i try and run a map i created using the Unreal Front End:

    "Faulting application udk.exe, version 1.0.5860.0, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.3541, fault address 0x00012a6b."

    I know not really very detailed. normal maps work fine. the map i made is very basic. just a blank platform no textures or skins.

    i edited
    - DefaultGame=CluOne.main
    - DefaultServerGame=CluOne.main

    - ModEditPackages=CluOne

    I created a folder "CluOne" in:

    i tryed running the map from the "Packages" folder and "UTGame\Content\Maps"

    Niether works i really need help here people, i even tryed deleteing all the files and folders that UDK uses, and uninstalling it. i re-installed everything and that didnt work

    non of the file or folder contain any spaces, i really stuck here guys. when i go into Unreal Frontend and run "Full Re-Compile" everything run and works fine.

    - Any more detailed log files?

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    here is a copy of main.uc:

    class main extends GameInfo;


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    I am such an idiot some times.

    ok for anyone else haveing the same problem 4 things:

    Make sure you edit these files:
    - UTGame.ini
    - UTEngine.ini

    Make sure you created your directory properly:

    Make sure you build you map properly:
    - Build > Geometry for current level
    - Build > Lighting

    Make sure you create a player starting position:

    1. Right click anywhere on the map
    2. Add Actor
    3. Add Player Start

    Also if you are stuck follow this tutorial, to the letter dont miss anything:

    Setting Up A Bare Project With The UDK - Part 1

    Setting Up A Bare Project With The UDK - Part 2

    Setting Up A Bare Project With The UDK - Part 3

    Notice in part one where he talking about "" file and overwriting the "Development" and "UTGame", he DOES NOT! actualy do this.

    He is saying it is optinal to get a smaller package size, dont do it. on some versions of UDK (i think the new one) it does not work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerKnight View Post
    - Any more detailed log files?
    See the directory UDK\UTGame\Logs

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    thanks elmuerte

    the error is fixed now. but that is some great advice. i enabled "Show Log" in the Unreal Front End, thats another good trick.

    still learning but this is only my second day

    iv managed to build my own map, simple lighting effect, simple follow camera, just working on Unreal Script after i take a small break i have lecture in like 2hours

    and a moving platform a playing can walk on. this is really cool so glad unreal decided to release this UDK. becuase it was out of my price range before. i was coding with OpenGL and c++ before this and it was taking weeks just todo simple things haha

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