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Thread: Level designer looking for team

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    Level designer looking for team

    im looking to make a game (mmofpsrpg) that will be based around zombies and guns.
    im an interior level designer, i can also make objects such as crates, bins etc

    i need a full team to work on this project, it will take about a year (to complete(hopefully anyway))
    the playable alpha will hopefully (if i get a team soon) be available in 2 - 3 months

    you dont have to be professional to be in the team, you just have to work hard

    you need to be able to use some sort of 3d modelling software (depending on what you will be doing)

    the game will be a large free roam style such as WoW but also have the weapon style of an fps such as COD
    there will be large area such as citys and buildings (e.g large factorys and mines) that will be populated by people and have some sort of guard which will be attacked by zombies to add to realism
    you will get ammo by drops from zombies and also money
    i think this sort of game will be very good because it has never happened before and i have seen many forums where people are asking for a game like this so i/we am giving them one

    to see extra details pm me your contact details (e.g msn skype) and i will tell and show you examples of what i wish the team to achieve
    (i dont know how to spell achieve i think thats right)

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    the last mmo i worked on had about 200 ppl and about a 3+ year dec cycle.. why would you want your begining project be a mmo? and didnt your last thread get closed? i think the general opinion on your last thread was perhaps you should join a developed team and help them out to gain some experience.

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    And this is why we need a few rules put in place...

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    I'll to concur with Rhinokio here. Oh and yes His thread *did* get closed, because things were getting slightly out of hand. I think Rhinokio hit on the head. Being a level designer such as yourself can step outside the box and see that maybe by helping out an existing team you'd be able to also start on your own project with thier help as you establish trust and teamwork with that team. Then again, I assume you already know this.

    I wouldn't insult you, just the oppisite I applaude your zest for vision and the determination to try to see thru. Just be careful on how you tread, opening a another thread when a staff mod closed the other one down due the negative outlooks can cause tension and possibly alienate some possible talent from joining. That's my take on it. Good luck.

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