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Thread: Diffuse texture problem (Material Editor)

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    Diffuse texture problem (Material Editor)

    Hi guys.
    This is my 1st post here and im slowly getting to grips with most of UDK, however I suddenly ran into a problem a few hours ago with a diffuse texture of mine.

    This is how the image looks when i import it initially.
    Settings are:
    Compression No alpha
    TC default
    TEXTUREGROUP_WORLD (though this doesnt appear to make a difference if i change it to Character or not)

    As you can see, in that shot the colour is perfect (ignore the Normal map as I havent plugged that in yet so its not effecting anything).

    In this screenshot you can see that in the Material Browser the colour is once again correct, however once I attach it to Diffuse it seems to turn into a horrible mouldy grotty green colour, Ive tried everything including reimporting the texture, turning the alpha on or off, all i can think of really.

    If anyone can shed some Light on this itd be really appreciated, i can even upload the texture itself if anyone wants to try it out.

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    This happened to me also. Update your graphics card driver and make sure you're using UDK Beta 2

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    Thanks for the response.
    My graphics card is upto date with the newest driver and I'm running beta 2 aswell.

    Ive imported many other models and textures and they all work perfectly fine, I even have another 3 models (each with 3 textures, normal, spec, diffuse) and those all work 100% perfectly.

    Its just this one texture, if i replace this with a different one then it works perfectly fine again...really odd.

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    Restarted, reinstalled the NVIDIA driver, same problem still.
    All my other models are fine, ive been importing and reimporting textures for them all day and none of those have any problems at all.

    Its just that ONE TGA file, but even when i save it under a different file name, or even a different format, it makse no difference

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    Look at the Alpha layer and the R , G and B layers in Photoshop , it must come from here if there isn't any problem with others textures

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