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Thread: Speed tree collision meshes

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    Speed tree collision meshes

    Hi all,

    I have added collision meshes in speed tree,and they work.... to a degree.

    They don't seem to scale with the tree when increasing its size, and I don't see how to enlarge the collision mesh within UDK.

    Obviously I could just enlarge the static mesh within speed tree to compensate, but thats not ideal as I will use the same tree several times at different scales and this wont always match.

    Is there a way to either make the the static mesh scale with the tree, or edit its size within UDK?


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    No one else has come across this problem? Or am I just not explaining it well enough?

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    Do you scale it with the uniform scaling tool or are you scaling each axis separately ?

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    Thanks for the reply, I am using the uniform scaling tool.

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