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Thread: Tutorial: An entire (very basic) UDK game

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    Tutorial: An entire (very basic) UDK game

    # How to set up the folders for your game.
    # What to add to source control (SVN and others).
    # Setting up and compiling Unrealscript.
    # Creating a super basic third person game.
    # How to configure the ini files.
    # How to build a super basic level.
    # How to make a super basic menu with a button and a label.
    # How to add basic localization support.
    # How to cook the game.
    # How to package and distribute the game.

    I wrote the entire thing in one long session, it was a bit of a long day and I may have missed some things here or there. Let me know if you stumble onto something.

    This is not a development tutorial per-se. The focus is mainly on how to quickly set everything up for your own game and give you a basic introduction to all the elements involved in making a UDK game. The UDN has dozens of great tutorials for more in-depth information.

    The tutorial has been written with people in mind who know pretty much nothing about Unreal, and can't program. It is basic.

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    Good work Hourences, I bet a lot will find this useful.

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    The link to the zip file with the scripts only links back to the tutorial page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonSpawn View Post
    The link to the zip file with the scripts only links back to the tutorial page.
    Fixed it, thanks. Forgot a = behind a href

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    as one of our team members so aptly put it this morning,

    You're So Awesome We Hate You

    nice work man, thanks!

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    Thats an awesome tut Hourences, thanks for that Its definatly helped

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    This thread needs a sticky.

    I'm totally new to Unreal and this info took me ages to find, understand and build something similar to what this tutorial covers in minutes.

    Love your website and the rest of your tutorials there (my artist friend has been going though them a lot!). Keep them up!

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    I did exactly everything that you said, but still when I try to build it on PC, or launch it by UDK- game I'm getting an UT3 style of game, and not mine.

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    You have the right prefix, the compiled U file, and the gametype change in the ini file? Verify for typos and such.

    The game in the tutorial is still UT3, but it is third person. If you have a third person game you did it correctly.

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    Having a problem when i click the button. It dosent open the next level. It gets stuck on the loading screen.

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