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Thread: Useful Tutorials for the UDK

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    Here is list of tutorials for UT3, i think he has all of them:

    They all can be used for learning UDK, and everybody new to unreal engine should get UT3 editors colelction release, or normal Ut3 and download those tuts. Looking at ut3 maps in editors is priceless source of tricks and small things that you never find info about.

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    Yeah, but for ME the bigger Problems are the big new things and also, scripting.
    Things like Softbodys, Breakable Objects etc.

    These Topics are nearly nowhere to find.

    [EDIT]Added your link, thank you!

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    No more Answers? CMon, let's expand this collection.

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    Bump and some more links:

    Webpages with multpiple links to tutorials:

    * IceCreamYou:
    * Chris Albeluhn:
    * Odedge:
    * GeoDav:

    Unreal engine related links:

    * Material that changes uv mapping with in world position, great for long walls that are created by repeating model.
    * Lighting tutorial, quite obsolete because now lightmass does it all automagically, but still has some hints:
    * UT3 topic about optimizing maps:
    * UT3 video tutorials:
    * Geodav tutorials (mainly characters):
    * Geodav character import:

    General graphic art links:

    * Great tutorials and source of inspiration for me:
    * Hard surface texturing tutorial:

    Concept art over intertubes:

    * Photos "Deterioration":
    * Ancient thread on "unreal playground" that links to more concept art places:
    * Kendall Anderson Daily Photography:
    * Hazel Whorley:
    * Awesome church made of human skulls:
    * Modern Ruins - Portraits of Place:
    * CgSociety:
    * Ben Mathis:

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    Sir. Polaris
    I would also like to add UDK Central as a impressive resource with now over 150 tutorials relating to UDK development - / . UDKC's end goal is provide a one stop resource for all the rare and useful tutorials that are lost in decayed and sunken posts like this.

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    character setup

    is there a tutorial for character setup? I mean setting up all of the custom characters animations and using kismet for AI? Like an npc character?

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    A helpful site to explore

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    My YouTube channel (link is on my signature), I'm planning on uploading more when I can.

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