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    I love you.

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    wildicv, do you know where I can find high resolution UDK logos to put on my splash screen? I tried google but I had no luck...

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    Maybe if we all ask the lads at Epic REALLY nicely they might release a media pack for modders and indie devs if they do not already have one floating around somewhere containing high res UDK/Epic/Unreal Engine logos we can use for our splash screens and sites

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    Thanks for the info!

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    For the udk logo i just cropped out the logo from the default splash.

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    I'm still baffled why I still can't get a new blank project working in the editor, I've followed the tutorials, even this one which seemed the best one and my project isn't showing up in the content browser? I've followed the instructions here step by step, it builds my project and it even shows it loading when the editor is booting up, but it isn't showing up on the content page?


    Okay it does seem to work, when I run a map in the editor it is blank, as in no game content, just a camera that can move around, I just thought the content browser was supposed to show you project?

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    You have to make a new package inside your editor. Open the Content Browser and click the "New" button then just name your package and press ok. You now have an empty package area. Then import your assets into the package folder.

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    I think we need to start collecting some of this info on a wiki.

    Regarding third-person: there's a 'GameThirdPersonCamera.uc' file in '/Development/Src/GameFramework/Classes' that implements a lot of functionality. I'm currently digging through related files.

    Regarding royalties: my understanding is that if you make $10,000 in total, the net fees will be $99 + ($5000*0.25) = $1349 since you don't pay anything on the first $5000. If you make $100,000 in total you would pay $99 + ($95,000*0.25) = $23,849.

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    Malan make sure you have created a map inside the editor to be used with your game. If you have a blank project *meaning you followed the instructions on this thread you wont see anything*.. Im going to make a video tutorial later on how to start a empty project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildicv View Post
    Im going to make a video tutorial later on how to start a empty project.
    Wow ... I love to watch that video. plssss make it today

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