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Thread: Setting PHYS_Rigidbody on Player?

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    Setting PHYS_Rigidbody on Player?

    I'm trying to do some stuff and it would be really convenient if I could temporarily turn the player character into a KActor/Rigidbody. You can definitely set for example: Instigator.SetPhysics(PHYS_RigidBody);

    But seeing as how the player is a pawn [edited], there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to "turn him on" as a Rigid Body. The WakeRigidBody() and bWakeOnLevelStart=true obviously don't pertain to pawns and thus can't be used as far as I can tell.

    Anyone know a clever way to do this or am I SOL? Right now if I change player physics to RigidBody he just freezes, as he's a non-activated RigidBody. Only thing I can think of is to spawn a rigid body and attach the player, but on the offchance someone smart out there knows better I figured I could ask in a post knowing that I'm unlikely to get a response Thanks!


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    You may realise this and I'm just reading to much into your words, but the PlayerController is separate from a Pawn. A Pawn is a character in the world, and each pawn is controlled by a Controller, be it an AI or player. Player Controllers aren't displayed and thus can't ragdoll.

    Anyhow, in UT3 feign death would turn a player into a rigid body/rag doll temporarily. Don't know if the same is true in UDK?

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    You can definitely feign death in the version of UT supplied with the UDK

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    Yah I dug through the Feign Death stuff (I have access to UT3 as well), I didn't see anything that was clearly turning the player into a RigidBody and activating it. Sorry I spoke loosely, I just meant that since the character is based on a pawn I didn't have access to the obvious WakeRigidBody() and bWakeOnLevelStart (from Actor) which would seem to be the obvious way to do it. I didn't mean to confuse between say UTPawn and UTPlayerController.

    Ah well, I'll try my spawn and attach idea I guess. I think that's loosely how the hoverboard works. Sort of frustrating, but it's reality if you want to do anything more complex.


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