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Thread: Maya ActorX crash

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    Maya ActorX crash


    I installed actorx plugin for Maya 2009. When I want to export a static mesh, maya crashes with fatal error. I enter the output folder and mesh file name and when I click "save mesh/refpose", error occurs that says something about not finding root joint or something like that. When I click ok, Maya crashes.
    Edit: I tried multiple meshes, including basic cube, so the problem is not in flawed mesh.

    It does this every time and on two different computers - one with Windows Vista 32 and another with Windows XP 32. I have copied the plugin from UDK folder and I also tried downloading it from UDK documentation page. None of them work for me

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any kind of help.

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    ActorX works fine for me when saving mesh/refpose. Do you have the latest?

    For Maya 2009 32bit -

    If you are exporting a simple mesh, you can type "axmesh" to get the correct dialogue.
    If you are exporting a skeletal mesh/animation, you need a bone. You would use "axmain" for that.

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    Yes!! It works with "axmesh"! I only knew about "axmain" since "axmesh" is not mentioned here:

    Thank you very much for helping me out!

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    I'll get that fixed up; thanks for the info!

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