So - I decided to test the waters in UDK with XSI as my main 3d package. Since I already had some done models and rigs I decided to test em out.

However to my great dismay there seemed to be some issues with this - it looked like the bone hierarchy or something was of since feet and such were stuck in place when testing out animation. After much searching I found some ways to get it to work - by using the biped setup with a shadow rig (S3|I) and I was wondering "uhuh.. so why?".

I took the liberty to look through the skeleton and noticed that the bone hierarchy was quite different from how the default XSI hierarchy was being made. The end effector by default is placed under the root - so I manually moved it to under the last bone in the chain. After doing the export from there lo and behold - it worked.

Basically what my question is being new to the whole rigging thing in xsi; does manually changing the bone structure and such screw with xsi in any way? And is there any other troubles to watch out for when rigging for UDK?