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Thread: UDK/UT3 Video Tutorials List and Support Thread

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    just a little "bump" to mention that i've finished the first set of my UDK video tutorials "Basics"
    Setting up the Project Folders
    First Game Type
    First map for our game
    Packaging and installing our first game
    all the videos are available via the link page on my website

    sorry for the delay as i was having audio problems

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    Thanks for the new videos
    There's a slight error in the third link, it contains the actual link to fileplanet two times, aka:

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    thanks reropme, fixed it , to many copy/paste, at least no typos

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    added the Wheeled Vehicle run through

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    Hi geodav,
    I've watched your latest tutorials today. First let me thank you for making them. But I have a question: in 04_udk_packaging_our_game at around 1:35 min there is a block called [DavCorp.GeoDeathmatch] in your UTGame.ini, that you are not copying to the Defaultgame.ini and yet after cooking and packaging the game works. Any ideas why that is? Is the block not necessary?

    Und tschűss

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    Ahhh you mean the section under the ini version line, you don't need to copy that over as thats the entry the game makes everytime its run, afaik it's the block thats stores the last game config but don't quote me on that. as you saw the game still work even without it.

    ps glad your learning German

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    OK, that makes sense.

    Inspired by your vehicle tut I started modeling a vehicle, but I think I'm a bit ambitious with that because it steers like a wheeled loader with a swiveling joint in the center. Any ideas how to go about that? Since I'm still in the modeling stage I haven't looked into the scripts yet, but I hope I will find something of use when I start looking.

    ps I've learned it for 41 years so far.

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    You`r the man, Geodav. Thanx a lot!

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    @DaemonXR sure that what i'm here for

    @reropme i think you could do it like the goliath tank (UT3) the wheels don't steer but how to get the front and back to twist no idea
    ps I've learned it for 41 years so far.
    thats a good one
    so far 26 from 44 years

    ps:- Guys if you need something shown then give me a shout and i'll see what i can do

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    I get a fileplanet error when trying to download the wheeled vehicle. I'm super interested in this video so can you check on that and see what's up? It might be on their end.

    Just a funny observation, but this wasn't around 44 years ago, or even 26.

    EDIT: NM, I just had to log in. Kind of a misleading error message.

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