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Thread: Cannot Uninstall UDK

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    Cannot Uninstall UDK

    I installed UDK a few days ago, but after looking around in it, I'm not all too interested in using it. I tried to uninstall via Control Panel Add/Remove Programs but the uninstaller crashes instantly:

    There is also an indepth breakdown of the error report, but I cannot copy/paste it.

    I suspect the error is a result of my installation. The UDK installed fine, but I installed it to my larger hard drive on one of its 4 partitions. I installed to H:/ rather than C:/ since I don't put anything on my C:/ drive other than the OS itself.

    I have tried rerunning the downloaded setup package, but it has no knowledge of a current installation and continues to operate as if I wish to install. Additionally, I went to where I installed the UDK and found UnSetup.exe, so I ran it with the /Uninstall argument, but it yields the same results as going to the Control Panel Add/Remove programs.

    I run Windows XP SP3, two hard drives, one with 160 GB and the other 1 TB. 160 GB hard drive is partitioned C: through F: and the 1 TB hard drive is partitioned G:, H:, and J: (I: used to exist until I decided to use that as a Ubuntu partition a few weeks ago).

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    You can delete the install folder, then when you try from ARP, it will say it can't find and you can delete it.

    The UDK install is very self contained; just the install folder and ARP entry (third party redists notwithstanding)


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    Kind of following up on this ... I wanted to ask - is it best to uninstall old builds before installing newer ones? Or can we do an "upgrade install" over a previous install?

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    New builds can be installed in parallel - I'd leave the old one installed until you've moved over all your content.


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