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Thread: map should have killZ set?

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    map should have killZ set?

    I see this error/warning when compiling a map.. any thoughts on this?

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    The KillZ is an invisible plane that when the player hits it they die. This is to help keep anyone who falls out of enviroment from falling forever.

    To set the killz:
    1. Open the Editor
    2. Go to View > World Properties
    3. Expand ZoneInfo
    4. Set the KillZ to a higher number (it is already set to -262143).

    I suggest setting it just below the lowest point in your playable level.

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    thanks for the reply...

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    And just so you know the KillZ line as such shows up in the 2D Side/Front viewports as a red line.

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    easy fix is jsut go into world properties....enter a value like -10000 (depending on your world..but if ground level = 0 that should be fine). Set kill to Suicide or something. That should remove the warning. (at least thats how I shut it up)


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