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Thread: Some bugs, notes and feature request

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    Some bugs, notes and feature request

    1) When I import a mesh from Max I keep having all the smoothing groups stripped away or mangled.
    Yes, I exported with the options mentioned in the docs. Tried different ways.
    I must say that in the ASE there is not a single mesh but a group of 6 objects in Max, assigned with a multi subobject material. Don't know if this may be the problem.

    2) Static lighting also looks completely mangled.
    I tried and re-tried to unwrap in UDK and also in Max on channel 2 (1 in UDK of course) and if in a first instance it worked, when then I replaced the mesh with another one (deleted from map and re-added new one) there was no way to obtain it again.

    3) How does it works with sky and skylights? On documentation is written that skylight is cheap. BUT HOW?
    I imported a nice sphere of 10Km as skymap and I think this may confuse the static lighting generator (and of course gives impossible times of rendering).

    4) Is there any auto-resize of textures in import?
    I am importing a couple of 1024x4096 textures but final resolution looks well in the shader designer but much lower in game and map editor.

    5) Normal mapping looks different in shader editor and map editor.
    I am obtaining quite cool view in shader editor, but in map editor texture is reduced in size and normal mapping almost inhexistent.
    I tried to build up a basic shader alone with only diffuse and normal maps and I also tried to just duplicate one of your shader and replacing diffuse and normal map in it and I think it may be a problem of file format.
    I am generating normals using Nvidia filter and they look perfect on OGRE engine, so what's to be changed?

    6) Also, a DDS straight import would be nice. I may know exactly what is the best DDS format for my stuff and I may wish to import it straight away after having exported the files from Photoshop directly.
    I can't see MANY of the options Nvidia DDS exporter for Photoshop offers, in your translator.

    7) Is there a way to set up static lighting without using the internal solution?
    In example I may import straight away a mesh with channel 0 and 1 and map into channel 0 main texture and in 1 lighting and set some option for the mesh to identify it as static lighted mesh so to have normal maps and speculars rendered anyway. Possible?
    I ask this because the static lighting has some bugs in it. Even when I was able to calculate it (without sky...) on some polys I had ugly bleeding from global illumination.

    8) One of the first mesh I imported is now impossible to erase.
    I tried any possible system that came to my mind:
    - closed and reopened the UDK
    - erased any possible reference I found using the scene manager in the only 1 map I built
    - added -NoLoadblablabla as startup argument for UDK
    The only thing I didn't try is deleting that single map. Would it work?

    9) I have a large terrain modeled in Max, with 2 or 3 UV set ready for the shader.
    The ASE file is 30 MB large and importer systematically crashes.
    Is there any limit to mesh size, n. of vertexes, size (this one is 2 Km of size).
    REMOVED: I was actually able to import it... even if it took quite much time.

    10) System unit in Max must be set to 1 cm, right?

    11) I experimented the following: in the shader view texture blurred but when I was scrolling textures in the Content Browser window temporarily the shader editor view was loaded right. When I stopped scrolling then the texture was again blurred. Very weird.

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    The editor has its settings turned down, open [C:\UDK\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini] and go to [SystemSettingsEditor]. Change all MaxLODSize in TextureGroups from 1024 to 4096. Of course do this before you start the editor.

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    Thank you man

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    By the way, my system:

    XP SP3

    AMD AThlon 64 3700+
    4 GB RAM

    Sapphire HD 3850

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    12) Static lighting solver says "No importance volumes found - Static lighting will require a long time" or something similar.
    Where do I find this option???

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    Lightmass Importance Volumes can be placed into your like world like any other volume/bsp. Place your builder brush so that it encompasses your level and right click the Add Volume icon in the left side toolbar. Then select LightMassImportanceVolume.

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    Thank you very much man, I thought it was something like an option related to some mesh.

    Back on bugs: I must add that my meshes have perfect smoothing groups in the static mesh editor. Witnessing the fact that they are well done.

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    How many smoothing groups does your meshes have?

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    Around 10.
    But I discovered that in editor it looks bad like a single smoothing group when static lighting is not calculated, then it's ok.

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