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Thread: Safari Beta 1.0

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    Safari Beta 1.0

    Name: Safari
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Compatibility: Patch 2.1

    Red Team is slow but begins with an armor.
    Blue Team is fast, jump high but begins with only 90 HP.
    Making frags gives you XP points and makes you have a better level.
    Killing a noob awards you less points than killing a good player.
    Be killed by a noob make you lose a lot of points and maybe a level !

    This game type is derivated of the Opposite Team Mutator and will be the base of the Unreal Safari mod.
    It was tested with maps as DM-Defiance or DM-Arsenal. This game type works well with open maps where blue team can jump !


    Credits:Thanks to and for their advices

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    this is exactly what I wanted on ps3 mods (and pc mods). It's skill-balanced, rpg-leveling, and unique teams!

    all 3 things I wanted yay!

    I wish this was more popular... I'll tell who I know, it'll help some.

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    This looks hella fun, I'm gonna download it fa sho!

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