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Thread: speed tree alternative

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    Lost Haven

    speed tree alternative

    I am posting this for the simple fact that the speed tree that comes in unreal is more like a slim down basic speed tree version , with limited customization. So I will unveil other programs that will give you more freedom in tree generation . All free and cheap one's , hope this help you guy's to further your level creativity .

    1. Arbaro: a free tree generator that gives you a lot of customization in parameters , for the whole tree .

    2. tree gen: free , not as good , but faster to use.

    3. tree[d]: free , I think this is actually the best tree generator out of the free one's , I love this thing . The only problem is , it is in b3d format and direct x mesh only , but there is an importer for 3d max . tree[d] , b3d importer for max

    4. ngplant : free , this is my second favorite free one . It has alot of customizations , plus texture option's , and it is fairly easy to use .

    5. ivy generator: this is a free ivy generator , it is good .

    6. tree gen 2: this is not free but it has a good price , this is the second version of the free one that I posted above , and they also share the same link .

    7. trees designer: this is not free but a lot cheaper than other tree generators , it is very versatile , and has a unique different way of creating trees than other tree generators , by formation branches around shaped polygon's (orientation polygon reference) , simply draw the shape and plugin will fit a tree into it. As simple as that. grow secondary branches (twigs) that do not have to conform to the shape giving denser and more natural looking trees. the trees look realistic .

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    Will need to check these out. Thanks for posting.

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    Wow, that's a lot of great tools & those trees are awesome. Some sites as even some very nice textures you can download

    THX for sharing

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    I assume these all result in a static mesh that you import into Unreal Editor?
    Does anyone know if there are any optimisation benefits to using a speedtree versus a mesh?

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    SpeedTrees are slower to render. Great for small detailed forests and such, but static meshes are always faster to render. Unless I'm wrong.

    For a few trees here and there I'd use SpeedTrees. For large forests and such I'd use static meshes.

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    Ah. I wondered if there was any benefit to them other than the customisation, which we don't get anyway.

    Thanks Lost Haven, gonna look into these.

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    Lost Haven
    I would also like to mention a tree generator for plugin softimage and modtool . it's called tgen
    it is free softimage modtool
    I found this the other day , I have not use this because I don't use modtool but it seems cool .

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    thanks very much for the list . . . And the xsi plugin link . . . Fantastic stuff will play with the xsi one when i get home on friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazJW View Post
    Does anyone know if there are any optimisation benefits to using a speedtree versus a mesh?
    Speed trees move by themselves. They're not static, they're supposed to look like they're blowing in the wind.

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    That's a visual benefit rather than an optimisation one

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