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Thread: USucc [Beta]

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    USucc [Beta]

    Name: USucc
    Version: Beta


    USucc is a tool for sharing UT3 content. The name "USucc" stands for "User Shared user created content". It is pronounced "You Suck" and it is my response to people who complain that downloading custom maps takes too long. With USucc, you can be sure that all the maps on your favorite servers are downloaded before you start playing.

    USucc is a Windows application that downloads maps and other user created content. It communicates with UT3 game servers that run Bakwey, a mod that provides information about the maps hosted on the server. After USucc communicates with a game server, it uses BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, to download the content.

    Feature Overview:

    • Download maps, mods, etc using BitTorrent file sharing protocol.
    • Keep track of available content on UT3 servers running Bakwey.
    • Download content from redirect servers (when allowed by its server admin).
    • Install and uninstall complete map packages including node layout configuration files.
    • Automatically pause file sharing while you play UT3.
    • Control bandwidth usage for downloading and uploading.
    • Easily remove content you don't want.
    • Easily create torrents for sharing new UT3 maps.
    • Free and open source software.


    Current Beta Release:


    You can extract the zip archive to your desktop, documents folder, or wherever you want. There is no installer. Just run the application itself. It is called USucc.exe. USucc should work on XP, Vista, and Win7.

    Quick Start:

    When you first launch USucc, the main window will appear quite bare:

    If you are running firewall software, it should warn you that USucc is attempting to listen for incoming connections. You'll need to unblock and allow it if you want USucc to work properly.

    Next you select a game server to contact. USucc automatically populates the server list with your UT3 favorites. You can also type the IP address of a server in the server address box. However, for USucc to communicate with a server, it must be running Bakwey. If you don't know of any Bakwey servers, you can always try it out using the GodsOfWarfare server:

    Once a server is contacted, USucc will show the maps hosted on the server and begin downloading the ones you don't have. If you already have a map installed, USucc will begin sharing it with others.

    Download speed depends on the number and generosity of the peers you're connected to. Most peers will not share with you unless you share with them. If you don't see any peers right away, don't give up too soon. It may take a while to contact them and the more peers you contact, the more you may find. If there are no peers, some servers will allow you to download from their redirect server but USucc will not begin using these special web seeds right away.

    Once the files have downloaded, you can select the item in the list and click the Install button to move its files from the USucc download directory to your UTGame directory where they'll be ready to use in the game. You can also use the Uninstall button to move files back to the USucc download directory if you wish to continue sharing them but not use them in the game.

    If any files in a torrent differ from ones you already have installed, USucc will download all the files in the torrent. This is common for maps you installed using a cache converter. Once downloaded, you can choose whether to install over the ones you already have.

    To stop sharing content, select an item in the list and click the stop button. To delete content, select an item and click either the Kick or Ban button. The Kick button deletes the content but will allow USucc to download newer versions later. The ban button deletes the content and prevents USucc from downloading newer versions.

    USucc will stop sharing content when you're playing UT3. This ensures that your bandwidth is fully dedicated to the game.


    If you have a router with a UPnP configurable firewall, Bakwey will enable port forwarding so that peers can connect to you. If you are not comfortable with that, you can disable UPnp port forwarding in the settings dialog. USucc does not treat any data that it downloads as executable code (although UT3 does execute mods within its walled garden... that's fairly safe... we hope). I have made efforts to make USucc secure. It should never modify files outside of a few specific UT3 user directories and, within those directories, it should not overwrite standard game files. Still, use good judgment when you decide to run USucc, contact certain servers, or install content that it downloads. Keep backups of important data on your computer at all times and don't risk things you're not willing to lose.

    License and Credits:

    USucc is licensed under the MIT free software license. The full text is included in the download archive. Despite being a more of a BSD guy, I decided to adopt the MIT license used by MonoTorrent and Mono.Nat, two terrific open source projects that provide most of the heavy lifting for USucc.

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    good job man for this

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    GJ Pacer, Where do you acquire Bakwey?

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    I don't play online but I must say that your utility is nicely made & very useful. Your GUI is simple, nice & very effective.

    Even if I won't use it, I wanted to let you know that you made a really great job, a must for any online gamer

    THX for your work

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    handy too download now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom2001 View Post
    GJ Pacer, Where do you acquire Bakwey?
    I'll work on releasing Bakwey tonight... please check back tomorrow.

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    very cool nice job pacer

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    Great stuff!!!

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    This program just rocks!!

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