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Thread: DM-RB-Zero-G

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    Quote Originally Posted by HideInLight View Post
    Getting a crash, posted it in the SkaarJ model thread too:
    Don't know which one is causing the crash exactly, but there is a lot of script warnings related to this map.
    Fixed the model crash, check the model thread for a fix. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks! But the crash does seem to only affect this map, so I'm not sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilEngine View Post
    Fixed the model crash, check the model thread for a fix. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks! But the crash does seem to only affect this map, so I'm not sure.
    Checked the older version of this map, didnt get crash. So it must be something in the script inlcuded that's causing a problem.

    Edit: Nvm, it turned out that the problem was unrelated. The crash was because the satge just happened to inlcude the link gun.

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    Messing around with the editor because of the map. The space volume is a kinda fun gameplay element. I'd suggest lowering the friction, if you dodge into the space your momentum will transfer. Space is suppose to have zero friction

    Properties of space volume - PhysicsVolume - FluidFriction.

    Anyway of releasing the source for the movement increase in the space volume with a mini tutorial on how to get it to work with a map?

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    Cool map! While I am not a fan of most "low gravity" maps because you tend to float a bit too much, no gravity is fun as you can still move around. The map looks very good and the physics react very well in the low gravity environment.

    A few suggestions if you make another version.

    1. It would be nice to have an ambient sound.
    2. It seems like the space sphere should be scaled up some more???
    3. It would be nice to have metal foot step sounds on the cat walks.
    4. Is it possible to make the physics objects respond to you hitting them?

    A cool idea that is implemented well. Nice work.

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    love these sort of maps xD.

    Never got to THANKYOU Remus for DM-Singularity,so THANKYOU :P.that map is so beautiful lol , i still get sometimes killed while watching that beautiful black hole eating up planet :P:P.

    This map also looks amazing in pics downloading it now xD.

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    Private Tux

    Cool It is very cold in space.

    This looks gorgeous indeed. Manage to fly anywhere around this map in 'low gravity' (except the corridors inside). Love the definable floating boxes, barrels, doors, wires, etc. and impressive about the number of asteroids and the Earth too. Easy to pick up the powerups in the upper level will definitely use across the circles including the Redeemer at the center. Hmm, good to know that this map may be suitable anything up to 32 players. Oh, don't forget to use 'permanent corpses', it currently bids a number of dead bots would not disappear in the whole new level; gets equalized through the gravitation. So how many are still around? Hope it helps.

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    i'm floating away.......

    love the floating items and zero gravity; also like the spinning earth/moon and sun even though the earth-moon relationship isn’t quite right; love the details of the space station and central area with physics and all the floating items, which actually do react to you but you have to hit them harder; also like the red trim and the bots are good. The size of the sphere seems fine and isn’t there no sound in a vacuum?

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