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Thread: Low sensitivity or high sensitivity?

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    Low sensitivity or high sensitivity?

    I have been reading up on different ways people play FPS. Some people play with Low sensitivity where they use there arm to make fast turns. Others play high sensitivity where they either use there fingertips with wrist pad underneath so palm not on mouse, or they palm mouse instead.

    I personally use high sensitivity and palm mouse at 8.3cm/360, but thinking of trying something different. Curious to know what some of the really good players do.

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    i use high sensitivity with fingertips

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    I use high, with palm/finger. Depends on how much I need to move.

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    Low sensitivity.

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    Most pro's I've encountered use low sensitivity. Old rule I used was that you should be able to turn 180 degrees going from edge to edge of your mouse pad.

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    I have a very high sens, hotcake and everyone else thinks its funny how fast I can spin in circles. :c

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    ^^^ It really is frightening how fast he can spin.

    I use lower than most, 16 inches (45cm) mouse movement turns 360deg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_hax View Post
    ^^^ It really is frightening how fast he can spin.

    I use lower than most, 16 inches (45cm) mouse movement turns 360deg.
    rofl your ^^^ has a unibrow :P

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    I'd say lowish but it means nothin tbh. Change the thread/poll like this :

    How many cm to do 180 or 360. Put the poll like:5cm,10cm or smtng like that.

    My low could be high for others.

    In general a low sens can give u more control. better aim. better chance to combo etc. Too low can get u an easy pray in short range fights. High sens guys should try to lower sens little by little. Big sens changes might be a hard thing to do.

    I use mostly fingertips cause of my mouse. G9 is kinda small so fingertips -i think- are better.With bigger mice its fingers again but palm too(a bit). Its how u like it the most. How it feels better to u tbh.

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    I have an MX518, so I vary my DPI at times. I set it to 1600dpi, then I set it to a sensitivity on the lower end. It still moves fast though. Not nearly the "180 end to end" thing. I think that's bull crap honestly. There are pros on both ends of the spectrum. Why do what doesn't work for you? I have a bansheepad and it's so smooth I can use relatively high sensitivity and still be plenty accurate.

    Besides, UT3 doesn't allow you to be nearly as accurate as you could be in UT2k4.

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