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Thread: DM-Q3DM7 Quake 3 remake [ Beta 1]

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    this map brings so many memories with my brothers

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    Been so busy I've not done any work on it since this release.
    Having said that, it seems it doesn't need too much doing to it really!

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    hey can u remake Q3DM12 - Dredwerkz?
    its the second best map in quake 3

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    I think this will be my last UT3 map once I release it, I have way too much other stuff going on, and it's not easy converting these maps as the quake 3 editor is pretty crap!

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    i want to convert the map but i tried the Tutorial: Chonglee export and it didnt work!

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    Well for my 2 remakes, I didn't export anything.
    I simply had the Q3 editor open alongside UED and basically copied what I saw.
    Lots of work, but I'm happy with the result

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    very good beta!

    Um, so this was never finalized? Anyway, I always loved the original Q3 map and the UT version is good but the bots tend to congregate around two spots and get stuck a little in one of them. This UT3 version is extremely futuristic (totally different greenish look like a Borg ship)with some changed weapon and item spots and I like the blue lightning/plasma in place of the lava. Also noticed you changed the transporter location and added a route underneath (unless I missed that in the Q3 version). To answer your questions: 1) the pickup distribution is slightly different, but better than the UT version and i like it, 2) the player starts seem balanced to me, 3) love the extra scenery and I consider it cool UT3 upgrades and I don't think it's over the top at all, 4) the sky is awesome (black/white clouds), 5) the sound is perfect and I like the energy channels and blue glow.

    EDIT: at least your bots were better than the ones in that UT version, yikes!

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    I'm glad I subscribed to this thread or I would have missed this.
    Thanks for the great comments and I'm glad you like it.

    It is true that I never finalized it though unfortunately.
    I was making it as part of a mod, which died off shortly before finishing, and UT3 itself was flagging a bit.

    I did try, but just couldn't get the bots to behave themselves, and after many posts asking for help on forums, I had to give up.
    Having said that, people were generally happy with the map as it was, I think it's pretty balanced - gameplay was always the most important thing here, and I copied the general feel from the Campgrounds map I also converted over to UT3.
    For multiplayer purposes the beta could be considered finished.

    I've not touched UT3 for a few years now and wouldn't really have the know how to finalize the map.

    Just loaded up UT3 myself (funny it just worked without reinstalling) - I impressed myself with my own map here having not seen it for 3 years!

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