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Thread: DM-Aelon [Final][PC][PS3][Pics]

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    Is this the fixed version of the map with no invisible collision issue?

    Is it a cave or a tree or a tree in a cave or a cave in a tree? Just kidding, that was just my first impression before hitting "start". I liked the ambient sounds with the crickets and stuff as well as the swaying grass. This one has great flow and connectivity and 3 players is perfect (although, 1on1 isn't too bad either). You succeeded in creating an "old Unreal feeling" and "a good looking map, while still keeping good gameplay, visibility and performance".

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    Awesome map from the guy who made Bonescraper. It looks really beautiful, yet runs with best possible performance, it's tight, but fun. Keeper.

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    Private Tux

    Cool Such a delightful map.

    Great gameplay for 1-on-1 map in spring scenario, leaves and crystals; also in atmosphere, high quality visuals and layouts. Really like the sounds with waterfall and crickets. Weapons/power-ups can be modernized, sniper rifle can be applicable, and bots can be better.

    Three mirrors for this map:

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