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Thread: Collection of UT3 resources, guides, tutorials ...

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    Collection of UT3 resources, guides, tutorials ...

    Posting the best stuff I can find. Feel free to add your links

    Official site:
    You may find the manual in the Game Info section.

    The complete guide to unreal tournament 3, custompc

    From gaymespy:
    UT3 Weapons:
    UT3 Vehicles:

    Weapons and pickups by Team Dignitas:

    "Diagrams" of all Warfare and vCTF maps by KurlonT (?), from beyondunreal. Example: WAR-Floodgate

    The great Bersy guides. Titan, greed and betrayal:

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    Great Idea M8 - Show the new folk to UT3, all our little titbits. If they like it they may stay

    UT3 Tweaker is great - even if you only use it to get rid off the movies

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    Thanks, this was just what I was looking for. Couldn't find the manual on the official site but I found it at this link or just go to the steam store page for Unreal Tournament 3 and it's among the links on the right hand side.

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    Uhh, too bad that Planet unreal is dead. The last post from their UT3 forum is from March 2008.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaMarine View Post
    Uhh, too bad that Planet unreal is dead. The last post from their UT3 forum is from March 2008.
    Although it does seem to be quite dead the last post is infact from this month (that's March 2009).

    Apart from that though, this thread is a good idea.

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    WARfare and Vehicle Guides

    WARfare and Vehicle Guides

    Warfare Etiquette for Beginners (A beginners Guide to WARfare)
    By Bobba_Novis

    A beginners guide to WAR-TankCrossing
    By Bobba_Novis

    WAR-Islander: A comprehensive guide
    By So's_your_face

    Utilizing terrain in Vehicles - UT3 Guide with Pics
    By Crayfish

    Leave the Nightshade alone! Or at least use it cooperatively.
    By Fu<kingGameSpy

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    Good thread, they should sticky this one and try to make it a central resource, its really needed coss there is no strats and tacts sub-forum. I think if more people saw the depth of the game, epecialy with all the different gametypes and vehicles etc.. it would be way moree popular.

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